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Welcome to CB radio USA. I am your host John Hogan. I work at my in home office every day of the week and have my CB right here on my Computer desk which makes listening in to it in while I work easy for me. Ya, I sandbag a LOT but my radio IS ON 24/7 whether or not the power is on as I run my equipment on Solar.

I have started a New CB radio club called 'Florida Eagles'. Read about Florida Eagles CB radio club and decide if it may be for you.

Most of you already have some sort of Call log sheet you use to Log CB friends, call signs, location, or personals. If you do not, feel free to make printouts of one we made up which is very simple yet may help you get the job done. View our CB radio Call log sheet and make printouts if you need them.

John Hogan, Hastings, Florida, 32145
Phone: 386-329-1962

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