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Are you an American Eagle or a thanksgiving day turkey?

Welcome to CB radio USA. I am your host John Hogan and go by Eagle1 on the CB radio. I work at my in home office every day of the week and have my CB right here on my Computer desk which makes tuning it in while I work easy for me.

Our directory itself is setup to allow ANYONE the ability to search our service, but; only Americans can create content/listings/profiles within it.

With that in mind certainly encourage your UK, Canadian, and other DX contacts to search for your profile listed with us, but do not encourage them to add their own (US citizens ONLY can add content at our service).

Think what we offer is just another wanna be service or site? For you Geeks out there you will know what this means below!
  1. Dedicated Clustered Linux based 64 bit servers each with 32 gigs of high speed system Ram using Quad core 2.8 gigahertz processors
  2. Terrabytes of Disk space to hold photos, documents, images, and YOUR website when you create it here
  3. Dedicated 1,000 meg per second connectivity (the norm is 10 megs)
  4. Terrabytes of bandwidth allotments monthly at the server farm belong to us!
Every CB and Ham radio operators personal profile as well as any Sale items you may place is Mobile friendly, and among the fastest loading of any service or website you will find anywhere on the web today. Fact is our site is as fast and certainly MORE mobile friendly than even Google itself!

CB and Ham radio is an invaluable tool for communications when the power grids are DOWN. With that in mind it is a Great idea for anyone and everyone to get to know your local Radio operators as they may be YOUR lifeline during emergency situations!

I have added sections within our easy online classifieds dedicated solely for American CB and Ham radio operators to easily publish more information about them, their Call numbers, personal photos, and more.

I have also made it easy to add free ads for CB and ham equipment you may wish to sell, and easy for your fellow CB friends and contacts to FIND offers.

To create your profile simply create an account at easy online classifieds, login and click on Create a website near the top left of the page when you are logged in. Once there near the bottom you will see the Cb Radio Profiles listing type - Select it.

Then select the Personal CB ham operator profiles option in the category drop down list such as we show in the screen shot below.

Cbradio category list

Your Radio profile is FREE to add and runs for an entire year. After the year is up you CAN UPDATE IT at no cost as well and will be notified when that time is needed.

Your radio profile CAN include your personal photo (I know you are pretty). You can also add 2 additional photos of your Rig, your Dog, or whatever you wish (keep it clean for the family).

Your CB/Ham Call sign or Handle IS a searchable field which makes finding your profile a simple matter for anyone wishing to look you up once you have created your profile with us. If you type in our handle (Eagle1) in a Keyword search at our site you will find us. Eagle1 is my profile and how it displays.

Your profile will include an EASY way for your Radio friends to build a Call sheet too because they can Download the PDF version of your profile, print it out, or just save it for future reference. Review MY profile Eagle1 for  an example.

Once you are a member and have added your personal profile per the above, you CAN create 2 (also FREE classifieds) under the Free Listings plan if you wish and add your Radio equipment, upcoming event notices, garage sale notices, Business listing, or whatever else you need to post.

The ONLY fields which are required in your listing are your Numbers (call sign), your city, state, and zip. You are NOT required to upload photos, phone numbers, address, or Email address - It is up to YOU to decide what you wish others to be able to see about you....

I have started a New CB radio club called 'Florida Eagles'. Read about Florida Eagles CB radio club and decide if it may be for you.

Most of you already have some sort of Call log sheet you use to Log CB friends, call signs, location, or personals. If you do not, feel free to make printouts of one we made up which is very simple yet may help you get the job done. View our CB radio Call log sheet and make printouts if you need them.

Simply go to Easy Online Classifieds to create your cb radio profile, free classifieds, or mobile friendly business website.

John Hogan, Hastings, Florida, 32145
Phone: 386-329-1962

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